Steuler supports the “Westerwald-Kinder” campaign

With its complete solutions for industrial linings, equipment and environmental technology, the Steuler Group (Höhr-Grenzhausen) supports its customers every day with climate protection. The plants ensure clean air, sustainable water cycles and energy-efficient production processes and thus contribute to improving the quality of life on earth today and for future generations.

Michael Steuler, Geschäftsführer der Steuler-Unternehmensgruppe

Because the people in charge in the medium-sized group of companies care about the future, they also take on responsibility for their own industrial companies in the Westerwald. Not only for the people who work with them, but also to protect the environment and the quality of life of future generations, it is important to improve every day.

It is therefore a matter close to the heart of the Steuler Group to support the “Westerwald-Kinder” campaign with a generous donation and to accompany it in the coming months. The project was launched in the immediate vicinity of the industrial company, at the local child protection association Höhr-Grenzhausen, and launched together with the youth and cultural center “Zweite Heimat” and the senior citizens' advisory board.

What is behind the “Westerwald-Kinder” campaign?

Where mighty trees stood a few months ago, there are now bare areas. The dead logs lie on the wayside, waiting to be transported away. What climate change, drought and bark beetles have done in a short time will change our region: the climate, the water balance, the fauna and flora. The “Westerwald-Kinder” campaign supports reforestation and wants to contribute with child-friendly information and food for thoughts in the forest that our children and grandchildren can roam a healthy forest again.

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