Industrial Corrosion Protection in the Cement and Lime Industry

STEULER-KCH supplies and installs tried-and-tested chemical-resistant lining systems for the cement and lime industry. We are specialist suppliers for rubber linings, coatings, tile and brick linings that are required to reliably withstand high stresses over long periods of time. Our materials have a proven track record of significantly reducing production costs and measurably extending the lifetime of plants – for our customers, this means higher-cost effectiveness and confidence in the knowledge that they are well prepared for the future.

We're very familiar with the high requirements of the lime and cement industry and offer a wide range of custom orientated solutions to meet them.

Our synthetic resin screeds and tiling systems (combined linings) are suitable for use as industrial flooring in all areas of the plant. STEULER-KCH's coating systems have national technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (§§ 62/63) and are specially designed for use in storage, loading and handling areas, as well as collection basins. Our mechanically anchored lining systems, such as BEKAPLAST® and BEKAPLAST®, ensure that surface areas, rooms, trenches, pits and storage tanks are completely leak tight. Rubber linings in a variety of grades are used wherever process media must be prevented from entering or escaping. In addition our synthetic resin and waterglass-based (sodium silicate) mortars allow for a professional finish.