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The linings experts

With our solutions, we master aggressive media in the industry.

Whether in the chemical industry, hazardous waste incineration, iron and steel, ceramics or power generation - all components and plants that need to be reliably and permanently protected against corrosion and high chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses are our business.

From coatings, rubber linings, acid-proof tile linings and brick linings to kiln furniture and refractory linings to apparatus, vessels and piping systems and even swimming pools. Under the name STEULER-KCH, we supply custom-fit, new lining concepts for specialized industries all over the world.

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From the initial idea to the handover

With Steuler Linings, you get everything from a single source. As a complete package with an all-round carefree promise or in individual service packages - just as you wish for your project.