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Piping systems made of FRP composite materials

Plastic piping system

Piping systems made of fibre reinforced composite materials are highly resistant to chemicals and do not require any additional corrosion protection measures, such as external coatings that may degrade and fail. As a composite system, they withstand extreme temperatures without the thermoplastic lining separating from the supporting FRP laminate.

Composite materials can be easily adapted to the on-site conditions in terms of design and pipeline routing at low cost, without having to comply with standardised component dimensions. This allows flange connections to be minimised and the associated risk of leaks to be significantly reduced.

FRP pipe systems are suitable for almost every area of application in industry, as they convince with their outstanding properties, especially in pipeline construction, when high safety requirements have to be met in plants and large mechanical or chemical loads have to be mastered.

These are just a few reasons to rely on piping systems made of FRP composite materials for industrial corrosion protection. We help you to select the material specifically for the requirements of your system and take care of the assembly. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Product portfolio

  • Pipes, elbows, T-pieces, reducers, flanges and special components
  • Nominal sizes DN 25 to DN 600 – custom fabrication of other sizes on request
  • Nominal pressure ratings of PN 1.6 to PN 16
  • Temperature range -20 °C to 160 °C
  • Safety requirements according to European PED 2014/68/EU

Material selection

Thermoplastic liner    
PVC-U   max. 60 °C
PE also electrically conductive max. 60 °C
PP   max. 95 °C
PVC-C   max. 95 °C
DEKADUR Plus   max. 90 °C
Partially fluorinated liner    
PVDF also electrically conductive max. 100 °C
E-CTFE   max. 110 °C
Fluorinated liner    
PTFE-M also electrically conductive, weldable max. 160 °C
Pure FRP    
ALPHACOR® Type E max. 130 °C
KERAPOLIN® Type D, with chemical protection layer max. 130 °C

These temperature specifications are standard specifications. Please contact us for advice on your individual application.

Ultimate composite system KERAVERIN® PTFE-M

Especially in the piping system sector, Steuler Linings has succeeded in laminating pipes of modified PTFE with a carbon fibre fabric under specific production conditions. In combination with the applied FRP reinforcement, a unique high-performance composite tube system is created. The resulting bond strength is so high that failure due to thermally induced stresses – different thermal expansion behaviour of liner and reinforcement material – or vacuum loading cannot occur. This enables operation even under vacuum and leads to a long service life.

By using the appropriate resin systems, components can be designed that can be used in pipeline construction up to an operating temperature of 160 °C. A significantly improved weldability and lower permeability characterise the PTFE-M liner. This enables a noticeable reduction of flange connections and an individual geometry. The leak risk is minimised and the repair and maintenance costs are reduced which means improved safety for personnel and the environment, whilst also reducing operating costs.


ALPHACOR® is a special type of pipe laminate that is manufactured with a resin-rich inner layer and mainly reinforced with textile mats. The resin used is chosen according to the demands of the operating environment. Thanks to its special resin formulation, one typical area of application for the ALPHACOR® pipes is the chlorine-alkali electrolysis process.


KERAPOLIN® is our durable branded material that consists of a chemical protection layer according to DIN or customer requirements and a supporting laminate made from fibre-reinforced unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resins. Suitable thermosetting resins are selected according to requirements and the operating environment.


KERAVERIN® is a proven composite material made from fibre-reinforced unsaturated vinyl ester resin with a thermoplastic inner liner. The key component and main advantage of the system is the inner liner, which is precisely tailored to the specific chemical and thermal stresses. It is available in a variety of different materials. Our special bonding bridge between the inner liner and the FRP support laminate, which withstands different pressure situations and high temperature fluctuations, enables permanent system operation.

FRP loose flanges

If flange joints in the piping system are necessary, Steuler Plastic Linings uses loose flanges made from FRP (SMC) or special steel grades to connect pipes in a sealed, but removable manner.

These connecting elements are also characterised by outstanding resistance to high chemical and thermal stress. The systems offer a suitable method for connecting pipes and vessels, such as those used in the chemical industry and process engineering applications. In addition to very good chemical resistance, the connecting elements also have the best physical characteristics, such as high flexural strength, low specific weight and high impact strength. Flanges for pipelines are designated according to their nominal pressure rating (PN) and standardised according to DIN EN 1092, Covestro company standard or ASME.