Steuler Claim


Precise special components

Steuler Plastic Linings builds vessels and process components from engineering plastics, such as the common thermoplastics PE, PP, PVC, PVDF up to fully fluorinated thermoplastics.

We use the most modern CNC milling machines for the precise implementation of individual customer requirements. Our strength lies in the flexible production of small series and special components and assemblies. Round and rectangular vessels with the corresponding accessories are specially designed and manufactured for our customers.

In the case of thermoplastic vessels for low-temperature applications, there is no need for external reinforcement with FRP. Due to the low rigidity and strength compared to FRP, however, greater wall thicknesses must be used. If necessary, we can statically design components.

Due to our machining equipment, we are able to manufacture very large components, such as covers (tunnels) for pickling plants, baths, storage tanks and transport containers. In addition, we produce linings for vessels and trenches. Other applications are e.g. dosing cabinets, spray levels, strainer baskets or components for industrial silencers, which are then complemented with components made of FRP composite materials.  

The materials

PVC-U   max. 60 °C
PE also electrically conductive max. 60 °C
PP   max. 95 °C
PVC-C   max. 95 °C
DEKADUR Plus   max. 90 °C
Partially fluorinated    
PVDF also electrically conductive max. 100 °C
E-CTFE   max. 110 °C
PTFE-M also electrically conductive, weldable max. 160 °C

These temperature specifications are standard specifications. Please contact us for advice on your individual application.