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Process equipment made of plastics

Plastics engineering – A safe technology for the industry

Steuler Plastic Linings builds vessels, tanks and special components that are specially designed for the plant conditions.

The components are designed according to customer requirements and produced flexibly in our own production facility. For this purpose, we coordinate the process conditions of the plant system (temperature, pressure, medium) with our customer for each application. Pressure vessels are designed and tested in accordance to European PED 2014/68/EU. Different material combinations are used:

Process equipment made of FRP thermoplastic composite

The FRP thermoplastic composite is used for extreme operating conditions. With a diverse selection of fibre materials, resin systems and thermoplastics, we put together the perfect package for safe operation.

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Process equipment made of FRP thermoplastics

Thermoplastic materials are ideal for the construction of vessels, baths and plant components. We offer the design and manufacture of round and rectangular vessels in almost any size.

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KERA® thermoset

KERA® thermoset is a formable mass that allows almost unlimited design options. KERA® can be used for columns, tanks and pipelines, among other things. In addition, the phenolic resin-based material has proven itself in absorbers, bubblecup and Thormann trays as well as roller elements in process plants.

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