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FRP thermoplastic composite

Customised production in perfection

We design, construct and manufacture process equipment made of glass fibre reinforced plastic with a thermoplastic inner liner.

Wherever highly corrosive media are used, our materials can withstand high chemical, mechanical and thermal loads. Process vessels, storage tanks or special components designed for customer-specific requirements are used in process engineering systems. The components usually have dimensions of up to 4.5 m in diameter and a length of up to 15 m – please contact us for further custom-made products.

Some examples are standing frame vessels, flat bottom vessels, packed columns, separators or absorption columns.

The materials

The liners are selected for the respective application on a project-specific basis. Thereby we ensure the technically and economically most sensible and most suitable solution for the customer. Our specialty is fluorinated plastics.

For process equipment, we use our composite material KERAVERIN®. These are FRP vessels that are produced with a thermoplastic inner liner. The glass fibre reinforced plastics used in this composite are:

Thermoplastic liner    
PVC-U   max. 60 °C
PE also electrically conductive max. 60 °C
PP   max. 95 °C
PVC-C   max. 95 °C
DEKADUR Plus   max. 90 °C
Partially fluorinated liner    
PVDF also electrically conductive max. 100 °C
E-CTFE   max. 110 °C
Fluorinated liner    
PTFE-M also electrically conductive, weldable max. 160 °C

These temperature specifications are standard specifications. Please contact us for advice on your individual application.

In the process equipment engineering sector, KERAVERIN® PTFE-M has proven itself as a material, especially for columns and reaction vessels – in almost all sizes and specifications.

By using appropriate resin systems, components are manufactured that can be used up to a temperature of 160 °C. The resins are selected with regard to the respective stress and the liner.


In addition to the process vessels, we manufacture internals according to customer specifications, such as distributors, support grids, immersion pipes or baffles. We can manufacture these in pure thermoplastic as well as in sandwich construction. Depending on the stress on the built-in components, we use our thermoset material KERA®, which has proven itself in many applications.