Steuler Claim

Aluminium industry

Primary and secondary aluminum

Steuler has developed special phosphate-bound bauxite grades for the upper bath area of the melting and holding furnaces in the aluminum industry.

High-quality fireclay and andalusite qualities are used in the bath area and in the burners. In this area, Steuler offers lining concepts tailored to the specific application, thus combining brick- and monolithic linings.

With phosphate-bound bauxite materials, Steuler produces refractory materials that meet the demanding and changing operating conditions in the aluminum industry.

  • Low levels of contamination with oxides
  • Easy cleaning of the furnace lining
  • Simple alloy changes
  • Longer shelf life
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs

Formats specially adapted to the various furnace types ensure proper and professional installation of the refractory lining - the infiltration-resistant qualities prevent premature wear of the linings.

Materials based on andalusite or low-iron fireclay as well as unshaped materials such as casting and ramming masses round off the range of materials.