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Bottom pouring

Steuler bottom pouring systems

With the growing variety of alloys as well as higher casting temperatures and longer casting times, the demands on refractory materials become more stringent. The development of refractory materials must keep up with this.

Steuler formats and materials optimise the production processes and ensure the block quality - every day in every casting process.

In Steuler, you have a partner that conducts research and development to enhance its own production capacities and programs to contribute to the production of ‚Clean Steel‘ with innovative, high-tech products.

Exceptionally reliable

Technical support and coordination are provided by our experienced bottom pour specialists – from the first consultation through to delivery and installation – our customers always have a strong team on hand for all production areas.

This team plans and coordinates the qualified implementation, agreements and details for the production. They provide the specifications for professional control of all factors, so that quality and shapes can be installed precisely.

Materials and shapes - innovation and performance

Standard, special shapes and complex geometries for universal connection concepts - there is an almost infinite number of possible combinations. And you can benefit from this. Complete supply concepts allow the correct material to be produced in the matching format down to the last detail.

Steuler manufactures on highly automated state-of-the-art systems. It also has its own mould-making shop to realise even highly complex geometries quickly, effectively and in the required quality.

Long tongue and groove connections throughout the entire system

  • Mortar-free connection and therefore no risk of mortar inclusions in the steel
  • Fast and dry installation without moisture so that no hydrogen can be created in the runner system

Dry-pressed runner bricks

  • Up to 620 mm long, which means fewer joints
  • High fit accuracy, low dimensional tolerances
  • No deflection

Dry-pressed funnel bricks

  • High form stability and high fit accuracy with low dimensional tolerances
  • Absolutely straight and vertical assembly
  • Plane-parallelism and torsion resistant

Funnel cap with a special connection system

  • Safe installation and secure stand
  • Due to covered tongue and groove system, no risk of sand in the funnel system

Engineering and development made-to-measure concepts

Experienced Steuler application engineers develop optimum concepts for the casting plates in compliance with the specific requirements. They are supported by a simulation software that projects data, static images and videos. The following are shown:

  • Flow (direction and speed), temperature, solidification, shrinking and micro-porosity
  • For instance, the precise moulding of the endgate brick can bring decisive product improvements
  • The goal is to ensure less wash-out in the mould, no turbulence and a reliable, central steel inflow during casting


Steuler revolutionizes the production of the raw ingots thanks to its new spider brick. The continuous improvements of the Steuler-SMARTCAST spider brick lead to a significant calming of the casting process, less splashes in the mould and no pulsation in the casting channels.

The advantages at a glance

  • Improvement of the ingot foot shape and surface of the raw ingots by reducing the flow speed on entry to the mould
  • Reduction of turbulent flows inside the mould
  • Avoidance of breaking the solid steel cover / mirror (filling height in the mould) during the casting process and consequently avoidance of undesirable chemical reactions with oxygen
  • Significantly less post-treatment of ingot surface

Material development focusing on higher ingot quality

The best material is not always the material of the highest quality - the best material is precisely the right type of material and classification for our customers‘ specifications in their production processes and product grades. Steuler offers a wide range of materials and various production methods to meet all technical requirements and budget considerations.

Whatever lining concepts or production developments our customers choose – Steuler offers suitable and safe solutions.