Steuler Claim

Coke production

Outstanding resistance

The Steuler K-plates and K-bricks are installed on coke oven wharfs. Highly wear and frost resistant, it can withstand rapid cycles in temperature too.

The K-Brand features excellent sliding properties and is largely acid resistant – it easily withstands the demands of years of hard service. Selected raw materials and aggregates, high-pressure forming in a variety of shapes and a special high-firing process result in a material with a compact, resilient structure that puts it in a class of its own.

  • Outstanding sliding properties thanks to good „graphitisation“ in use
  • Homogeneous, rigid structure for high mechanical strength
  • Level and dimensionally accurate, making it easy to install a perfectly flat sliding surface with smallest joints
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good thermal spalling resistance
  • Designed for long service live of up to 15 years and more
  • Quick and straightforward installation using Steuler DUOMOR M 308 mortar

Steuler K-plates and K-bricks are used in other industries and areas too, and installed wherever high wear resistance, durability and stability are key selection criteria.