Steuler Claim

Lime rotary kilns

Customized refractory linings

Refractory linings in the pulp and paper industry

Innovation and performance

With our technical sales team acting as the interface between operators of rotary kilns in the pulp and paper industry and the Steuler development and engineering team, we develop the most suitable solution for every individual plant. From energy optimization projects through special lifter designs, we personally accompany our customers in long term.

Energy saving

  • Throughout 2-layer lining system with insulation layer and wear resistant hot face layer
  • Semi dense “hybrid” bricks as a good compromise for 1 layer lining requirements
  • Special lifter designs for optimized heat transfer

Operation safety

  • Outstanding insulation bricks with excellent resistance to moving loads
  • High temperature resistance of insulation bricks to protect steel shell in emergency case of hot face layer collapse

Engineering excellence

  • In-house engineering with strong practical orientation
  • Most modern software for thermal or stress calculations
  • Precise installation and assembly drawings with 3D perspectives and focus on details
  • Operation or even pre-startup conservation recommendations

High performance materials

  • Widest range of alumina silicate performance linings for lime kilns in pulp mills
  • Burning zone linings with no reaction with lime mud up to 1.400 °C / 2.250 °F
  • Insulation bricks optimized for rotary kiln application
  • Wide range of semi dense hybrid bricks

Refractory Management – we deliver safety

Steuler offers competence and performance across all supply levels and processes – we keep the bigger picture in mind whilst also not losing sight of the special details, from the first consultation through to delivery, supervision and installation. Our customers always have a strong team on hand for all project levels. This team plans and coordinates the qualified implementation, agreements and details for the production. They provide the specifications for professional control of all factors, so that made-to-measure linings can be installed precisely.