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Pig iron transport


Refractory systems for the safe transport of pig iron

Torpedo ladles must ensure safe transport of the pig iron from the blast furnace to the steelworks. For this application, Steuler offers fired andalusite and bauxite grades which withstand these complex conditions.

In the high-stress impact area, and if necessary in the slag zone, resin-bonded brick types based on andalusite, bauxite or corundum are used in various grades which, depending on the requirements, may also contain SiC. The bonding and further carbon additives minimise the slag and pig iron wettability of the refractory lining, improve its resistance to temperature change and enhance its thermal flexibility.

Steuler maintains a comprehensive range of shapes for lining different size ladles. This makes it possible to satisfy the lining requests of customers flexibly at all times.

Our portfolio of innovative lining concepts:

  • Torpedo ladles
  • Transfer ladles
  • Teeming ladles
  • Pig iron ladles
  • Permanent safety lining for steel ladles

For secure operation of any type of ladle, our CO-resistant fireclay and andalusite grades withstand the conditions and ensure safe long-term operation with excellent resistance.

Steuler supplies lining material for the back-up safety wall, from simple insulating fireclay bricks to a high-quality permanent safety lining with emergency operating properties.

The wear lining and the bottom lining of the ladles are provided in the form of fired and resin-bonded AC and ASC bricks. For special requirements, Steuler Linings offers a broad spectrum of high-quality alumina products with a variety of additives such as SiC, chromium oxide and zirconium.