Steuler Claim


Sinter supports for powder metallurgy

Kiln furniture needs to support the geometries and specifications, and reliably withstand the thermal and mechanical loads.

Exactly made-to-measure with very low tolerances, complex geometries and precise surfaces because the optimum adapted form and function of the kiln furniture improves your production quality and safety in the sintering process.

The use of special kiln furniture minimises the finishing costs of powder metallurgical sinter parts. The smoother the firing surface, the smoother the sintered part after heat treatment. Support points can be arranged at different heights and shrinkage can also be preset to any degree needed. Steuler kiln furniture is produced using a dry press process or via vibration pressing, where all dimensions can be controlled with high precision. This ensures close dimensional tolerances in the workpieces and minimises finishing work, a definite bonus when automating production lines.