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Sulfuric Acid Regeneration (SAR)

Specific refractory layout

Due to the enormous quantities of waste sulfuric acid from various industrial production processes, a secondary process or recycling process is increasingly being used.

Waste sulfuric acid incineration

In this process, the waste acid is thermally split into sulfur dioxide and water in a sulfuric acid incinerator.

The process temperature required for this is up to 1,600 °C. Here, too, the critical boundary conditions result from the highly corrosive atmosphere (SO2), possible temperatures under dew point, continuous / discontinuous operation as well as temperature cycling. Furthermore, increased slag formation is to be expected due to impurities in the waste acid (metal salts).

The selection of suitable refractory materials with low open porosity, alkali-resistant raw materials and the use of chemical bonding components are essential here.

Full service also in refractory construction

Based on the respective process conditions, we develop detailed refractory designs and lining concepts. Based on the steel construction drawings and process data provided, we develop the specific refractory engineering for the respective aggregate.

The engineering naturally also includes wall construction concepts and installation drawings as well as heat-transition calculations and heating up recommendations for subsequent commissioning.