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Sumps and trenches

Sealing systems for the highest demands

Trenches collect liquids in a controlled manner and convey them via piping systems or pump sumps in a defined manner.

They must meet high requirements in terms of sealing and resistance. Therefore, trenches must be designed with special technical attention.

Trenches form the low points in plants and often have direct contact with the soil. Not infrequently, they are also used in wet operation. The sealing systems used against aggressive media are therefore subject to the highest demands. On the one hand, it is important to protect the building substance from damage and, on the other hand, to effectively prevent the penetration of environmentally harmful media into the soil and groundwater. In this context, approval in accordance with the German Water Resources Act is often also required for the sealing systems used.

In addition to chemical stress, mechanical stress due to cleaning work, for example, must also be taken into account. Sealing must then be protected using robust materials such as acid resistant tile linings. Special trench bottom bricks for the floor areas are technically the first choice here. In our Brick catalog you will find detailed information on the design options.

A third factor is thermal stress. If, for example, hot media are discharged via trench systems or pipelines are exposed to special stresses in the event of leakages, the sealing must also be protected against thermal overload. Acid resistant tile linings can also be used here. By selecting the thickness of the tile lining, for example, the thermal buffer effect can be adjusted.

As a rule, trenches are covered in order to avoid accident hazards or to allow traffic. Here we offer technically optimized, constructive solutions for the support areas. The Steuler brick catalog contains detailed information on designs with rebated edge bricks. Gratings for covering complete our portfolio.

Our BEKAPLAST and BEKASTEEL lining systems add further design options.

The BEKAPLAST plastic lining system makes prefabrication of components possible and can thus contribute significantly to a reduction in construction time. Our tested, double-walled pump sumps are also manufactured in the BEKAPLAST system.

With BEKASTEEL, the special stainless steel lining system, we can cover even extreme stresses.

We have compiled a lot of practice-oriented information on both systems. Just take a look.

Our possibilities are almost unlimited. Get in touch. Together with you, we will find the exact solution for your project.