Steuler Claim

Titanium dioxide

Chloride and sulfate process

Steuler specializes in extraordinary brick linings for extreme conditions.

We develop, design, manufacture and install the highest quality linings for

  • Chloride reactor / chlorinator - chloride process
  • Al2O3 generator - chloride process
  • Rotary kiln and combustion chamber - sulfate process

In titanium dioxide production the chloride reactor, or chlorinator, places probably the highest demands of all on a refractory lining.

We meet this requirement with bricks, which actually cannot exist in this way.


The reactor itself has an aggressive CO and chlorine atmosphere. As if that were not enough, the abrasion and thermal alternating stresses acting on the lining are extreme.

Usually, a refractory brick can be optimized either with regard to abrasion resistance or in terms of elasticity to thermal shock resistance.

With the aim of achieving the highest plant availability of the chlorinator, we have succeeded in developing ANTELCO 44 and ANTELCO 44 AC. These bricks are optimized for both requirements and represent the technological benchmark in the industry as a lining material.

Advanced chlorinator linings. We supply safety.