Steuler Claim

Steuler Group donates EUR 15,000 to Thorben and Ben


The Steuler Group, headquartered in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany, has once again decided to forego large gifts for Christmas and instead made a donation to help where support is urgently needed.

Thorben and Ben and their mothers came to Höhr-Grenzhausen for the symbolic handover of the cheque. They were accompanied by honorary volunteers from Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth/Unnauer Paten, who had made the contact.

EUR 7,500 went to the family of seven-year-old Thorben for the wheelchair-accessible conversion of the family vehicle. Thanks to the electric ramp and special belt system, Thorben can now enjoy trips with his parents and brother in the VW bus.

Twelve-year-old Ben would like to have dolphin therapy, to which the Steuler Group was happy to contribute EUR 7,500. It will start in February, when Ben will swim with dolphins and is sure to return with lasting memories and great motivation.

Spendenübergabe Steuler Weihnachten 2023

Michael Steuler, Managing Director of Steuler Holding (back row, 3rd from left), handed over the symbolic donation cheque to Thorben (front left) and Ben (front right), who came together with their mothers and honorary volunteers from Kinderkrebshilfe Gieleroth/Unnauer Paten to Höhr-Grenzhausen.