Mechanically Anchored Linings

BEKAPLAST® is the name for one of STEULER-KCH's mechanically anchored linings. Special conically shaped anchoring studs create a mechanical connection between the plastic lining and concrete substrate. Durable, repairable and highly impact-resistant – for over 40 years, BEKAPLAST® has proven its itself in the chemical industry, in vessel construction and with municipalities.

With BEKASTEEL®, STEULER-KCH extends its mechanically anchored lining systems to include a stainless steel system with high mechanical and thermal resistance. The appropriate choice of BEKASTEEL® stainless steel quality also ensures high chemical resistance. BEKASTEEL® can be used for new facilities, as well as for renovation of existing plants and buildings. It is designed on a system basis and is therefore extremely flexible. Used in chemical plants in a broad range of industries, its main areas of applications include the safe lining of discharge and collection basins and HGV tank cleaning facilities. It is also often used to protect storage tanks, collection pits and channels subject to severe chemical exposure.