Industrial Corrosion Protection in the Iron and Steel Industry

STEULER-KCH is the expert when it comes to corrosion protection solutions for the special needs of the iron and steel industry. We develop, deliver and install acid-resistant lining systems for use in surface treatment plants, for acid regeneration and gas scrubbers. STEULER-KCH's tried-and-tested materials stand for high quality, reduce downtime caused by corrosion and make a measurable contribution to lowering production costs.

The range of services we offer for the iron and steel industry includes:

  • The lining of equipment and vessels
  • Lining systems made from rubber (on-site or workshop rubber linings) with an additional brick lining for regular and stainless steel pickling plants
  • Industrial floor coatings and tile linings (combined linings) for all areas of the plant
  • Coating systems with national technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (§§ 62/63) that are suitable for use in storage, loading and handling areas as well as collection basins
  • Synthetic resin and water glass-based mortars
  • Mechanically anchored thermoplastic systems (BEKAPLAST®) for trenches, pits and vessels
  • Mechanically anchored stainless steel lining systems for surface areas, plants and rooms subject to extremely high mechanical stress (BEKASTEEL®)