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KERA® thermoset

Highly chemically resistant

KERA® is a phenolic or furan-resin-based thermosetting polymer that offers the possibility to custom-design the shape of your vessels, process equipment and pipelines.

The material can be reinforced with glass and/or carbon fibres as well as special fillers and offers excellent chemical resistance to numerous chemicals, and in particular, non-oxidising acids and many solvents.

A unique material for chemical processes

KERA® is the material of choice for chemical processes where maximum chemical resistance at high temperatures is required: whether hydrogen chloride gas is being split into its chemical components by electrolysis, phosphoric acid is being converted into white acid for the food industry or tyre cord and textile products made from viscose are being spun in hot acid.

KERA® is a material that is media and temperature resistant throughout. Besides basic storage vessels, KERA® can also be used for absorbers and absorption towers including all the installed components, such as trays and support plates.

Complex Internals

KERA® is always formed to create custom shapes in its uncured state. The time-consuming construction of complicated moulds is unnecessary. Complex components can be created in separate moulds and then joined together to form complete components or process equipment. Following curing in the autoclave, the result is a finished, self-supporting construction (depending on application) that can endure temperatures of 140 °C, and even 170 °C for a short time, without deforming. Its chemical resistance is comparable to that of high-performance thermoplastics like highly chlorinated and fully fluorinated plastic liners.


  • Chemically resistant to non-oxidising acids and many solvents
  • Glass-fibre reinforced phenolic resin
  • Chemically resistant to non-oxidising acids and many solvents
  • Stands up very well to cyclic thermal and mechanical stresses
  • With glass and carbon-fibre reinforced phenolic
  • Highly chemically resistant to non-oxidising acids and many solvents
  • Very good anti-static properties
  • Well suited for use with highly flammable materials
  • Also approved for media containing hydrogen fluoride
  • Carbon-fibre-reinforced phenolic resin
  • Highly chemically resistant to non-oxidising acids and many solvents
  • Also approved for alkaline environments as well as hydrofluoric acid
  • Very good anti-static properties
  • Carbon-fibre-reinforced furan resin