Industrial Corrosion Protection in the Non-ferrous Metals Industry

STEULER-KCH provides comprehensive solutions for all plant areas and production methods used in the non-ferrous metals extraction industry (e.g. extraction of copper, zinc, gold, nickel, cobalt, manganese, or uranium). These solutions cover everything from research and development, consulting, design and production, through to installation and maintenance.

STEULER-KCH's expertise and many years of experience in the NFM industry make an important contribution to ensuring that systems, process vessels and equipment – as well as the production areas themselves – economically fulfil their function in the long-term. We work closely with our international subsidiaries and affiliates to ensure that projects are professionally managed and implemented throughout the world.

Our proven lining technology increases the availability and operational reliability of plants and equipment used for metal extraction, gas scrubbing and acid production. STEULER-KCH's portfolio of products and services include:

  • Synthetic resin and waterglass-based coatings and mortars
  • On-site and workshop rubber linings
  • Shaped bricks and special formats in various grades (acid-resistant ceramic, carbon bricks and graphite)
  • Self-supporting STEULER grid domes
  • Ready-to-install electrolysis cells with mechanically anchored thermoplastic liners (BEKAPLAST® system)
  • Finite element analysis, thermal conductivity calculation (to determine the displacement of the lining with respect to the steel vessel) and reliable engineering for calculating layer tension
  • Mechanically anchored stainless steel lining systems for surface areas, plants and rooms subject to extremely high mechanical stress (BEKASTEEL®)

The individually tailored and meticulously designed lining systems, coatings and brick linings, together with the corrosion protection expert STEULER-KCH special internals, are used in many sectors of the non-ferrous industry:

  • Roasting, smelting and casting
  • Leaching and wastewater treatment
  • Metal extraction, refining and electrolysis cells
  • Gas scrubbing and acid production
  • Process vessels, agitator vessels and clarifiers
  • Industrial flooring for all areas of the plant