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Pig iron production

Innovative lining concepts

The blast furnace is both at the heart of, and symbolic of, the steel industry. For the lining of blast furnaces Steuler offers a range of different materials depending on the loading as well as installation location and conditions.

In the throat of the blast furnace, into which the burden is added, the mechanical stresses are withstood by highly wear-resistant corundum bricks that are pre-fired at up to 1,700 °C and are highly resistant to temperature changes. In the stack underneath, special shaped bricks made from refractory clay and andalusite are used which are characterised by excellent resistance to reducing atmospheres.

The smelting zone of the blast furnace is exposed to extreme thermal stresses and pressure of the burden column. For this special and highly stressed area, Steuler supplies shaped bricks made from chemically bonded andalusite grades.

The bottom of the blast furnace, the hearth, is lined with multiple layers of carbon bricks. In order to protect this material from the pig iron, Steuler provides low-iron high-temperature-resistant refractory clay and andalusite grades as well as highly refractory sintered mullite grades with outstanding corrosion resistance for the „ceramic cup“ of the blast furnace.

Our portfolio of innovative lining concepts

  • Blast furnace
  • The smelting zone
  • Hot blast ducts
  • Flue gas ducts
  • Cowper stoves
  • Ceramic cup

You use hydrogen? Gladly, our lining concepts are H2-Ready!

We deliver safety

Steuler offers expertise and performance across all project stages and processes, in-house research and development, state-of-the-art engineering, an own production in Germany as well as reliable transport and logistics services through to professional assembly supervision and installation of the refractory lining. Because our main goal is the trouble-free availability of your blast furnace plant.