Steuler Claim

Transport of dangerous goods

Road transport wagons, containers, tank wagons, ships

For the transport of hazardous liquids by rail, road and water, high demands are placed on the safety of the transport containers.

This applies in particular to the transport of corrosive media. For many years, we have been using our rubber linings with great success for the corrosion protection of tank wagons, tanker trucks and ship cargo tanks.

Steuler Rubber linings have proven their worth in preventing corrosion in ships transporting corrosive media such as phosphoric acid for many years. For phosphoric acid, rubberized linings offer decisive advantages over alloy steel tanks. This includes, above all, the good resistance to the existing chemical stress and to the impurities usually found in the acid. Another great advantage is the possibility of easy and quick execution of repairs in case of damage to the acid tanks.