Expansion of BASF's Vitamin A plant. Steuler concludes subproject.

BASF Ludwigshafen

Vitamin A is used in animal and human foods and for the manufacture of cosmetic products, amongst other things. BASF began expansion of the Vitamin A production complex at its Ludwigshafen site in 2018. The extension to the old Vitamin A plant, which went into service in 1970, was equipped with an additional 600 machines and pieces of apparatus, 4,000 pipelines and 5,000 measuring points.

After almost two years of construction, the client and the owner have now accepted the work carried out by Steuler in the course of a final inspection. A total of over 7,000 m² of concrete surfaces were finished as industrial flooring using STEULER-KCH systems, i.e. coated and then laid with ceramic tiles. The work was completed within the strictly limited time period by a task force specifically formed for the purpose and using six work platforms. Peaks in workload were compensated for and critical deadlines met thanks to the commitment and willingness of the entire team to work overtime and at weekends.
Before the start of construction work, additional laying and grouting techniques specific to the application on site were developed in cooperation with the in-house QA Department, Installation Department and the project and site management office.
Effective application of the existing, exacting occupational safety guidelines ensured that the entire project ran smoothly and without accident.