Coatings in the Electrical Industry

Modern electronic components are becoming increasingly complex and compact. Thinner insulation layers and conductor cross-sections make these components more sensitive, even at low voltages. Electronic components are vulnerable to being damaged or destroyed during their manufacture, processing or use due to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

In order to prevent component or equipment failure as a result of electrostatic discharge, susceptible components are processed in ESD protected areas (also known as EPAs), in which special measures must be taken to protect against electrostatic discharge. The flooring plays a particularly important role as part of an overall protection concept, as it minimises possible charge build-up during processes that involve motion.

Conventional conductive coating systems no longer meet the strict requirements set out in DIN EN 61340-5-1. For this reason, conductive floor coatings are being installed in EPAs that must have precisely defined electrical properties; for instance, if when walking on the surface, the maximum charge build-up on a person may not exceed 100 V.

STEULER-KCH's technical expertise and its many years of experience working with the electronics industry ensure that production areas fitted with its ESD inhibiting synthetic resin coating systems are able to economically fulfil their function over the long term. Together with our international network of subsidiaries and affiliates, we can ensure that your project is professionally managed and implemented within deadline, anywhere in the world.