Industrial Corrosion Protection in the Mining Industry

STEULER-KCH provides comprehensive solutions for a wide range of plant areas and production methods used in the mining industry, covering everything from research and development through consulting, design and manufacture, to installation and servicing. STEULER-KCH's technical expertise and many years of experience make a decisive contribution to ensuring that plants, process vessels and equipment, as well as the plant areas themselves, can economically fulfil their function in the long-term. We work closely with our international subsidiaries and affiliates to ensure that projects are implemented reliably and within deadline – anywhere in the world.

Liquid phase oxidation or high pressure acid leaching is the most common method for removing sulphur from ores in the mining industry. STEULER-KCH's acid-resistant linings provide reliable corrosion protection for high-pressure acid leaching vessels such as autoclaves, flash, heater and quench vessels.

Our proven lining technology increases plant availability and operational reliability.

  • Acid-resistant brick lining of process equipment and vessels
  • Rubber lining systems (on-site or workshop rubber linings)
  • Coatings and acid-proof tile linings (combined linings) for industrial floorings in all areas
  • Coating systems with national technical approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in accordance with the German Water Resources Act (§§ 62/63) that are suitable for use in storage, filling and handling areas as well as collection basins.
  • Synthetic resin and water glass-based mortars
  • Mechanically anchored thermoplastic systems (BEKAPLAST® ) for trenches, pits and vessels
  • Mechanically anchored stainless steel lining systems for surface areas, plants and rooms subject to extremely high mechanical stress (BEKASTEEL®)