Kiln Furniture in the Electrical Industry

In order to meet their high quality standards, the electro-technical industry is very exacting when it comes to materials and technology. Besides the high firing temperatures of up to 1800 °C, chemical reactions between kiln furniture and the products being fired are an important consideration when sintering electro-ceramics and aluminium oxide ceramics, as well as when manufacturing components made of technical ceramic materials. During the manufacture of electro-ceramics in particular, the tiniest of variations during the thermal process have a determining effect on the electrical characteristics of the components. STEULER-KCH works in close cooperation with its customers to develop the right kiln furniture for the special demands of the electro-technical industry.

Thin-walled construction ensures that they can be reliably used in automatic production processes with a high level of precision. Low-MgO variants developed specifically for use in roller hearth furnaces minimise reactions with the rollers and the product being fired. The long service life of our kiln furniture helps our customers successfully compete in the market, despite the extreme price pressures.

STEULER-KCH supplies high-quality kiln furniture in the form of pusher plates, trays, thin-walled saggers, posts and sintering carriers – in consistently high quality and tailored completely to our customers’ specifications.