Refractory Linings in the Cement and Lime Industry

STEULER-KCH is an experienced supplier to the lime and cement industry: We develop, deliver and install custom lining solutions for rotary lime kilns, shaft-type lime kilns as well as cement kilns and associated heat exchangers, coolers, gas pipelines and calciners.

Our primary goals are to improve the service life of the linings, minimise kiln downtimes and realise potential energy savings, so that our customers are able to operate as cost-effectively as possible.

Our research and development specialists and application technology experts provide you with practical assistance right from the start – including everything from performing crucible tests with bypass dust, clinker and lime sludge, through to generating failure assessments.

We create customer-specific refractory engineering solutions in-house using cutting-edge CAD software. Our service includes providing installation drawings, installation instructions, thermal conductivity calculations, and heating up and cooling down instructions.

Our portfolio of products for the lime and cement industry comprises the entire spectrum of shaped and unshaped, non-basic refractories, anchoring systems and highly wear-resistant insulating bricks.

STEULER-KCH products are optimally designed to be able to withstand the temperature spikes, high-pressure loads and wear to which they are subjected in large diameter kilns. We are committed to the continuous development of materials that are resistant to chemical attack, in particularly from alkalis. Experienced specialists in our own research and development departments work continuously to come up with innovative formulations and solutions for the lime and cement industry.

We install and monitor the status of refractory brick linings worldwide. STEULER-KCH will also provide you with any special tools that are needed for the installation.

The STEULER-KCH specialists working in the fields of project management, research and development, application technology, engineering and installation are on hand to quickly provide you with competent advice and on-site technical support for the entire duration of your project.