Refractory Linings in the Ceramics Industry

STEULER-KCH is a reliable partner of the ceramics industry. Our many years of experience in the industry and flexibility are what set us apart.

Our lightweight refractory insulating materials and fire bricks based on hollow sphere corundum are used as kiln linings in the ceramics industry – an environment in which materials must be able to withstand extremely high temperatures. STEULER-KCH's materials are characterised by excellent thermal shock resistance, making them ideal for the construction of periodically operated kilns with firing temperatures of up to 1800 °C. They are primarily installed in kilns used for sintering alumina ceramics or high temperature refractory products – usually as hot face masonry – and ensure extremely high durability.

We use pure hollow ball alumina materials for lining furnaces, reactors, gasifiers etc. where the walls can be expected to be subjected to aggressive chemical attack due to the furnace gases present. Our materials provide a tough, durable lining, especially in environments where the atmosphere contains halides, such as fluorine or chlorine, or a high concentration of hydrogen. The installation can be flexibly planned, depending on the requirements of the plant: the materials can be used both on the hot face and as insulation in the underlying masonry. Even requests for linings for use in extreme environments – such as for synthesis gas plants – pose no problem for our experts. For this purpose, we would recommend using a virtually SiO2-free grade of the material.

STEULER-KCH also provides complete tunnel kiln car systems that can, if required, be securely installed, even without the use of mortar. We have a special approach whereby we employ lightweight, highly insulating materials in combination with stable, dry pressed refractory plateau trays, sol bricks, supports and jamb blocks with high thermal shock resistance, resulting in increased stability and service life. This special design allows us to achieve a very low degree of heat transfer in the tunnel kiln car, thereby increasing the energy efficiency of the kiln. The materials used and design features also promise our customers trouble-free operation.

We offer a convenient turn-key solution for new projects: consulting and planning by our experienced specialists, access to our own in-house R&D department and installation by a proficient team of STEULER-KCH technicians. This ensures start-to-finish customer service from project inception right through to commissioning.