Refractory Linings in the Non-ferrous Metals Industry

STEULER-KCH's process-optimised integrated solutions take into account the rapidly changing requirements in the non-ferrous metal industry and are always tailored to the specific application and the constantly growing demands of plant engineers, planners, customers and end users.

Customer-driven research and development of special refractory ceramic materials for the aluminium and copper industry, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the individual processes and industrial plant systems, enable STEULER-KCH to offer top-grade solutions for all kinds of melting and holding processes.

The spectrum of services we offer includes everything from CAD-based engineering with cutting-edge 3D technology, thermodynamic calculations, the manufacture of highly wear-resistant infiltration and oxidation-resistant refractory ceramic products, through to performing or supervising the entire installation.

The decades-long successful use of Steuler-quality Antelco, Suprema, Sicarid, Duomor and Porital materials in plants around the world forms a solid foundation for further optimising processes in the non-ferrous metals industry. Each of these is designed to increase the reliability of the production process, to ensure continuous availability and to enable smelting plants to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Whether it’s for shaft furnaces, melting and holding furnaces or rotary furnaces: we provide forward-thinking integrated solutions for the non-ferrous metals industry using materials based on refractory clay, andalusite, bauxite, silicon carbide or corundum, phosphate-, ceramic- or nitride-bonded variants.