Refractory Linings in the Pulp and Paper Industry

We are full-service suppliers of lining concepts for rotary lime kilns used in pulp mills and have a long-standing partnership with ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper for our work in this sector.

Our primary goals are to improve the service life of the linings, to minimise kiln downtimes and to realise potential energy savings.

Experts from STEULER-KCH's R&D and application technology divisions are on hand to provide exacting customers with unrivalled technical support, including everything from performing crucible tests with specific types of lime sludge, up to generating failure assessments.

Our customer-specific refractory engineering solutions are developed in-house, using cutting-edge CAD software.

STEULER-KCH's portfolio includes the entire spectrum of lining materials, such as high-density andalusite and refractory bricks as well as special wear-resistant lightweight refractory bricks, insulating bricks, concrete and anchoring systems.

Our broad selection of Andalusite high alumina bricks means we can line highly stressed areas of the firing zone exactly according to the customer's requirements. A special pre-fired lightweight refractory brick is used for the insulation layer. This is optimised to be able to withstand the temperature spikes and high-pressure loads found in large diameter kilns.

STEULER-KCH installs and monitors the status of refractory brick linings worldwide. The company also provides all the special tools needed for installing refractory linings e.g. rotary kiln installation machines / kiln rigs.

The STEULER-KCH specialists working in the fields of project management, research and development, application technology, engineering and installation are on hand to quickly provide you with competent advice and on-site technical support for the entire duration of your project – worldwide.